Curriculum: Engineering & Technology

Introduction to STEM

The introduction to sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics will present the main subjects in each STEM field and their applications. We will also outline the different STEM related modules that will be studied during the camp. At the end, the students will share their understanding on STEM.

Reverse Engineering

By analyzing the structure and function of a device or component, engineers can improve upon the previous design. After this activity, students should be able to define reverse engineering as the process of disassembly and careful analysis with the goal of duplicating or improving a device or component. They will also demonstrate the process of reverse engineering using a given object or component and suggest areas of improvement.

Engineering Process Design

This lesson consists of two simple activities aimed at introducing students to the engineering design process and involving them in creative problem solving. Students work through a chart detailing the design process, and then use its steps to consider how to solve given problems. The two activities are designed to complement each other, yet each can be a stand alone project.

Unleash Your Imagination

This session will initiate creative thinking by presenting innovation in STEM. The students will be given the opportunity to think of innovative solutions for local development.

Technology: Computer Systems

In this activity the students will be introduced to IT and applications such as Microsoft office and web search.