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Halfway There – Week Three Recap & Week Four Preview

The nerds of iNERDE’s Colonie de Vacances STEM had an exciting week studying electricity, vehicle construction & design, construction tools, musical instruments, and a field trip!

“There is nothing like working with people who believe what you believe. Because they are the ones who will give their blood, sweat, and tears to turn an idea into a reality WITHOUT asking for a higher salary”

– Mohamed Kante

Thanks again to all of our week two activity sponsors!

Nerd Spotlight


Age 10 years old

What I Want to be When I Grow Up  A doctor because I like helping people

If I had a Robot…  I would tell it to do what I do and it would be my friend

STEM Subject I like the most Science (Chemistry)

Favorite Color Pink

Favorite Sports Team Barcelona (Soccer)

Physics Lab

Sponsored by Vivek Vishnudas

Fatimata, Issiaka, & Mohamadou are testing their potato powered electrical circuit. 

The class learns about electrical current, protons, neutrons, & electrons, and circuits. 

Field Trip to ORTM

Sponsored by Kenneth Barrette

Kouta & Christina smile for the camera!

The nerds visited ORTM, Office de Radiodiffusion – Television du Mali (Office of Radio and Television of Mali) on the first of many field trips during the Colonie de Vacances STEM.

Math Competition

Sponsored by Wendy Lai Kowloon

In the morning, the nerds learned some basic English phrases and in the afternoon there was a math riddle competition – “There’s a 5L bucket and a 2L bucket, and you need to fill a 4L bucket with only 3L – any more and a bomb will explode – how do you solve the problem?”, and the winning team, five girls – Baro, Aicha, Saran, Salimata and Kadidiatou, won prizes!

Dieudonné and Mohamadou working hard to solve the math riddle.

The History of Science & Introduction to Architecture

Sponsored by Jennie Leigh & Eri Kajita

Thursday the kids spent the morning making goodbye cards for Nadia and Christian, and then there was a lesson in the history of science. We covered Galileo, Copernicus, Wright Brothers, Lumiere Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, and Einstein. In the afternoon we had a guest speaker, an architect, who talked about his career and gave the students a chance to sketch out their dream homes (he told them to draw the houses they would build for their mothers). 

What’s in Store for Week Four?

Week Four Activity Sponsors
Intro to the Design Process
Michael Riley
Kadiatou Kante

Watercraft Challenege & Field Trip to MaliTel
John Schlosser 
Suwagmani Hazarika

Paper Table Challenge
Robert Duffy

Zip-Line Challenge
Torsten Mohr

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